Georgi Gorev, Asenovgrad, Bulgaria

Welcome, my sporting friend!

As a brief introduction, I would like to introduce you to the best results of my pigeons. Over the years, my team was known as Georgi Gorev or Georgi and Vesko from Asenovgrad.

I own pigeons from the lines:
Dirk van Dyck - Rambo-Kannibal, Koppmann –Anelise- Kleine Dirk, Andreas Drappa - Champ- Carl-Biene, Thei Hartog of Brunsum Holland – Ringlosen of 89 - 211 Princes 2000, Line of Champions

I bought the pigeons from the famous German pigeon-breeder Alfred Weber and through breeding, selection and races I separated and managed to keep the best.

In the pigeon sport I try not to neglect basic rules: spacious loft that allows me to easily keep pigeons healthy throughout the year, without having to give them preventive antibiotics, good security throughout the year and test all without sentimentality to the origin. I race my pigeons in the method of full widowhood, where both male and female pigeons fly.

Since three years I have a new house and a newly built loft, but unfortunately with the ceasing of the pigeon sport in the last few years in our region I do not have a permanent club. Therefore I focused my efforts on the creation of pigeons able to win in one loft races. The achievements of my loft are not achieved by betting on the quantity but rather on betting on the quality. For me in the pigeon sport fully applies the rule: "The little always means more".

Achievements in one loft races:

2012 - 1st place finale 420 kilometers loft Radevo - pigeon № 09683/12

At a speed of 1127.769 m/min brought me a prize of €1020.


- 3rd place finale 505 kilometers loft Sunny Beach - pigeon №34706.

At a speed of 1188 m/min. brought me a prize of €800.

- 17th place finale 420 kilometers loft Sofia - pigeon №42638.

At a speed of 1031.69 m / min. brought me a prize of €300.

- 32 place finale 420 kilometers loft Sofia - pigeon №42636.

At a speed of 987.449 meters / minute the finale was held in severe weather conditions, on the first day of the race only 153 pigeons got back from 889 starters pigeons. My pigeons once again proved to have excellent qualities and class.

Dear friend fancier, if you can read the charts correctly you will easily understand that pigeons who beat at a speed of 1800 m / min are not really so fast, at a speed of 1200 meters or smaller. These "fast" pigeons disappear just as quickly when the speed drops below 1200 m / min. So my goal is the creation and preservation of pigeons, which are permanent in their successes, which have good orientation and adaptation, pigeons which are not hidding of the first drop of rain, and are not lost forever in the first headwind.

From my loft You can get pigeons, which mothers and fathers were flying very well in Bulgaria, or directly from my breeding pigeons. Pigeons You can crossbreed between them or directly with the best of your line. My pigeons are very good improver and presented very well on races from 100 to 1000 km. All of my pigeons breed in line!!!